Moving Forwards

Posted by Jordan Lane on the

I can hardly believe it's been 4 months since my initial post, I guess I've been pretty busy, although I could have probably spared some time to write a follow up blog post at some point!

Moving forwards into 2014, I've decided to set myself the new years resolution of becoming more organised and productive. Now written like that it sounds pretty ambiguous and hard to track, and when setting objectives it's a good idea to adhere to SMART criteria.

The idea is that by setting SMART objectives, it's easier to measure progress towards an attainable goal along with other benefits. With that in mind here are mine for the next year:

  • Write 2 blog posts a month
  • Release at least 1 pet project
  • Engage with the community more (Twitter/Comments)

Now a lot can change in a year, but I hope when I'm writing a follow up post in a years time I will be able to say I've succesfully achieved the above, and had a positive influence on my organisation and productivity!

Until next time!