So It Begins

Posted by Jordan Lane on the

After developing countless websites for clients and side-projects I finally got around to developing something for myself! The thing is I always wanted to do it, but never actually got around to doing it and I think this is something not only I suffer from!

As it happens it was my brother who gave me the final nudge I needed after I got a Skype message reading "just bought you" while I was at work, it was all I needed and when I got home I set out with a mission to get a site up that evening.

After getting my enviroment set-up, and with a fresh Laravel project ready to go, I set out with the aim of getting an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) ready for go-live by midnight.

In some ways I may have failed as it's now 00:23am the next day however I'm going to count this as a success! It may not be much, but it's got a working blog using Markdown files, ability to add static pages and links to social media. The important thing is that it's a platform to work from and continuously develop throughout the future, especially with how having a personal site is almost mandatory in the world of web development now.

Looking to the future I'm still unsure as to what exactly I will post, I think a mix of development and life blogs may be interesting, however if you have any feedback I'd welcome it greatly. For now though, it's been a successful evening and I'm off to get some much needed sleep!

Until next time!